Kerala Kala Samiti in Bhubaneswar

About Kerala

Kerala is a small state constituted in 1956 in the south western part of India which borders Tamilnadu, Karnataka, the Arabian Sea in the western Ghats and the Indian Ocean. It has an area of about 15000 square miles.

The word Kerala is found from 'Kera'(coconut widely abundant in the state). The official language is Malayalam and people from the state are widely known as a 'Malayali’. Kerala has 14 districts and capital of the state Thiruvananthapuram. Kerala has a legislative assembly of 140 members elected from that many constituencies. The state sends 29 members to the Indian Parliament, 9 to the Rajya Sabha (upper house) and 20 members to the Lok Sabha (lower house). Major religions followed in the state are Hinduism, Islam and Christianity.

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Welcome to Kerala Kala Samiti, Bhubaneswar

To bring the Malayali families in Bhubaneswar closer, few members of the community established the Kerala Kala Samiti in 1966. The organization aims to integrate and uphold their culture through the association. It is also a little effort by the Kerala Kala Samiti to make the younger generation more aware of their culture and their native land.


Kerala Kala Samiti, Bhubaneswar, is a non-profit, non-political, cultural organization of people from the state of Kerala, (one of the southern states of India) and is the foremost Malayali Cultural and Social Organization and has been contributing in the field of cultural integration and social service.

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Our Society

  • To promote India's dignity and integrity in terms of social life and welfare. To promote cultural and social activities to encourage the rich culture of Kerala and link with the great Odisha culture.
  • To act impartially without influence or interference of any political or religious group or groups by giving extreme consideration to the welfare of the society as a whole.
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Our Mission

KKS provide forum for exchange of thoughts on cultural, social, economic and educational problems at regional and national levels.


Focus attention on the problems of Kerala and Malayalis in India and outside India and make appropriate representations to the authorities.


Publish books on the finding of seminars, viz. `Planning for Prosperity in Kerala’ and `Regional Disparities in India.’.

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